Five key themes define the initial focus of the Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab. A regular series of projects, publications and technical resources will evidence the progress of these themes, and more themes will be elaborated as the Lab matures.

Energy Efficient Computing

The Cambridge Open Zettascale Lab is undertaking advanced research to improve the efficiency of contemporary high performance computing.

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High Performance Ethernet for Zettascale

Ethernet is ubiquitous in the enterprise space but is only now showing promise in terms of its latency performance in an high performance computing environment.

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oneAPI Centre of Excellence

oneAPI is a new scalable programming model from Intel that targets heterogenous systems, easing the task of programming for and running code on different computer architectures.

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Scientific OpenStack: Creating a Cloud-Native, Software-Defined Supercomputer

Scientific OpenStack® creates a very powerful and flexible environment to manage and use large-scale high performance systems.

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Zettascale Storage Solutions

Storage for zettascale systems is an area of significant challenge. The explosion in the production and use of data in science, engineering, medicine and industry has led to performance bottlenecks and system slowdowns as traditional high performance computing storage architectures fail to keep up with the increasingly important role that analysis plays in supercomputing workflows.

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