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Creating an zettascale system is not a straightforward matter. In compute hardware alone, such a system would call for around 700,000 servers. Given that financing and housing this number of servers is far from practical, fewer, more powerful computational units will need to be built from Intel® Xe-HPC GPUs and other accelerators. This in turn raises the problem of coding across different computer architectures.

The COZL is a Dell Technologies’ worldwide HPC & AI Center of Excellence. In working with the HPC Community, Dell HPC & AI Centers of Excellence create a network of resources based on the wide-ranging experience of technology developers, service providers and industry subject matter experts.

Intel’s oneAPI is an open, unified and cross-architecture programming model for CPUs and accelerator architectures (GPUs, FPGAs, and others). The programming model simplifies software development and delivers uncompromising performance for accelerated compute, without proprietary lock-in, while enabling the integration of legacy code.

The Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit is a set of open source libraries that enables the creation of high-performance, high-fidelity and cost-effective visualisation applications and solutions. Its libraries provide rendering kernels and middleware for Intel® platforms for maximum flexibility, performance and technical transparency. The toolkit supports Intel CPUs and future Xe architectures (GPUs). It includes the award-winning Intel® Embree, Intel® Open Image Denoise, Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library, Intel® OSPRay, Intel® OpenSWR and other components and utilities.


  • At the Zettascale Lab, we are focused on porting significant exascale candidate codes to oneAPI, including CASTEP, FEniCS and AREPO.
  • The Zettascale Lab is a centre for courses and workshops related to oneAPI. Our Zettascale Software Engineers are trained to deliver expert teaching on oneAPI methodologies and tools. See our forthcoming events here and our list of certified trainers here.

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