ExCALIBUR International Extreme Data (EIED) Workshop

The First Excalibur International Extreme Data (EIED) Workshop taking place from July 20 –21 in Cambridge, U.K. It is sponsored by ExCALIBUR, DiRAC and ESCAPE.

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The EIED Workshop brings together experts from the communities of fusion science, accelerator physics, high energy physics, radio astronomy, climate, weather, computer science and data science to discuss data intensive science and possible software solutions for extreme scale science.

The desired outcome of the workshop is to share knowledge from community leaders and understand

  • central software solutions which can be used across multiple disciplines to aid in knowledge discovery
  • data requirements for next generation science
  • how new collaborations across disciplines can help us with sustainable software requirements to tackle mission critical scientific problems.

We will integrate many of the ideas together in a workshop report to illustrate the critical need to bring core software technologies together to solve exascale data science.

The workshop will be in person and will feature speakers from the UK on the first day, and from several key international participations on the second day.